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HMS Plymouth - June 8th 1982.

HMS PlymouthShe sailed with Tide Class Tanker RFA Tidepool and County Class Destroyer HMS Antrim to South Georgia with Royal Marines and SAS aboard. HMS Plymouth was then assigned to provide cover for the aircraft carriers and amphibious vessels and was the first vessel to enter San Carlos Water.

On May 21st she came to the assistance of the bomb damaged Leander Class Frigate HMS Argonaut.

HMS Plymouth was attacked herself on June 8th by five Mirage aircraft. Although she managed to destroy two and damage another two, HMS Plymouth was hit by four bombs and numerous shells. One shell hit her flight deck, detonating a depth charge and starting a fire. Another bomb entered her funnel and failed to explode, whilst the other two destroyed her anti-submarine mortar but also failed to explode. Five men were injured in the attack and HMS Plymouth was assisted in putting the fires out by HMS Avenger.

HMS Plymouth - Galley DamageFire DamageShe then underwent emergency repairs from the Stena Seaspread before rejoining the fleet. She then provided naval gunfire bombardment during the retaking of the island. After the surrender of Stanley, HMS Plymouth was the first ship to enter Stanley Harbour and it was in her wardroom that Lieutenant Commander Astiz signed the surrender document on April 26th. HMS Plymouth left the Falklands with the County Class Destroyer HMS Glamorgan on June 21st, and returned to Rosyth on July 14th where she underwent full repairs. She had steamed 34,000 miles, fired over nine hundred 4.5 inch shells and destroyed five enemy aircraft.